soundAWAKE perform as 5 piece band (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards & drums). They have a very tight sound and many people have commented how alike the band sounds to the real songs they are actually covering.

soundAWAKE perform two live, one hour sets which are specifically designed to ensure the evening flows well. soundWAKE are experts at knowing which songs work best to get guests into the party spirit and to keep the atmosphere alive. They have a vast repertoire and their set lists are regularly updated. Many of their songs are segued for more continuity and include a good mixture of standard classics and modern chart music.

Yes, soundAWAKE performs completely LIVE, no gimmicks or voice overs, just talented professional musicians and vocalists.

Yes soundAWAKE play a large variety of tried and tested popular classics which cater to all ages. soundAWAKE only play the best party songs from modern chart music to older classics, guaranteed to get your guests of all ages onto the dance floor and to keep them dancing all night long. Please visit the MUSIC page to see what kind of music soundAWAKE play.

Yes, soundAWAKE provide pre mixed party/easy listening music to play before the band begins its first set, to help your guests relax and get into the party spirit.

Between live performances, soundAWAKE provide free party music through their state of the art PA, ranging from modern day chart music to all the best classic party songs, guaranteeing to keep your guests on the dance floor and saving you the cost and space of hiring a separate DJ. You are also welcome to send soundAWAKE a list of your favourite songs you would like played between live sets to ensure all your top tunes are incorporated into the night. Specifications include: 5K sound system (bigger power output available to suit larger venues).

Yes, soundAWAKE supply disco lighting for the dance floor and staging area.

The venue needs to supply an adequate safety earth mains supply with 3 or more completely separate 13 amp wall sockets. Power for the band should be local to the stage and not more than 10 metres distance. It should be available from the time the band is on site. Any delay can cause the late start of the show. Please also note that dishwashers and bar equipment can cause a drop if on the same supply as the band. This can cause disruption to your evening and certain band equipment such as processors may not operate properly. If the above cannot be supplied an external generator will be required.

The stage area should be a minimum 8ft ceiling height, 10ft in depth by 25ft in width (if possible). Portable stages should be 5 on the back and 3 on the apron (front). soundAWAKE have squeezed into smaller spaces, so please get in touch if you are worried about space and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

If there is no stage at your event it will be fine for soundAWAKE to play on hard flooring as long as there is a similar same sized area/space available. If the venue is a marquee, the band requires a hard wood flooring to set up on.

Yes, soundAWAKE have public liability insurance and all equipment is PAT tested. Documentation to prove this is available on request.

Depending on how quick the get in is and locality of the stage to changing area, the band need just over an hour to be fully set up and sound checked and another 20 minutes to get changed, ready to perform.

Yes, the band need a secure changing and relaxation room with good lighting, large enough for six people to change & relax in comfort.

Car parking spaces for a minimum of 2 vehicles is required. Where this is not possible, parking meter or car parking fees incurred by the band and or crew are to be refunded by the client. It will be much appreciated if suitable parking and safe, clear access is made available to the function room prior to the band’s arrival. The band should also be made aware of any flights of stairs or lifts to prior to the day. Most heavy flight cases will however need the use of a lift. This ensures that the equipment is both loaded into the venue and out from the venue (following the event) in a speedy, safe manner.

soundAWAKE can be at a particular venue for up to 10 hours in some cases and it isn’t always possible to leave the venue to go in search of food due to location and the time factor. We therefore request a hot meal and refreshments for the band within the evening before our first performance. N.B. Wherever possible a hot meal is preferable, but we understand that this is not always possible and in this instance sandwiches (or the like) would be acceptable.