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4 Tips on the Perfect Wedding Dance

There are several different ways to approach your first dance.

First of all choosing a song. This is a very personal choice. You may already have ‘your song’, therefore you have already made a decision. However many couples do not have a specific song to call their own and are still searching for ideas.

Here are some helpful things to think about:

First Dance – FAST OR SLOW?
1) Do you want a up tempo and energetic first dance, or an elegant and slow first dance?
It is traditional to have a slow dance to your favourite romantic song which always goes down extremely well.
However, we have seen a steady rise in popularity of mid tempo and fast upbeat songs being played as for first dances. Proving you can rock out to your favourite song, or dance the jive for your first dance if you wish. Nothing is off limits, it is your wedding and the choice is yours!

2) What if we can’t dance? Do we need to get a choreographer for our dance?

First of all as one of the top wedding bands in Wales, we have witnessed hundreds upon hundreds of first dances at weddings all over Wales and the UK. Many choreographed by dance instructors and many not but all were fabulous in their own way. Some choreographed dances have been brilliant and extremely entertaining to watch. You can tell the bride and groom have had a lot of fun learning the routine together and it’s a good talking point.

There are pros and cons to the dance being choreographed.
Some couples have kept their first dance a secret and surprised guests with a really great dance. Full of fun and lots of cheers of joy.
It can be a real talking point and a wow moment.


It is a lot of pressure to put on yourself on your wedding day.
Many wedding couples we have met (particularly grooms) have been nervous all day about not forgetting their steps for the first dance routine.
It can take time and commitment to learn a dance.

3) While some couples may jump at the thought of a first dance, it is not the case for many. For a lot of people, the thought of going out into the middle of a dance floor with everyone watching them dance (for approximately three and a half minutes) is terrifying.

If you choose the latter and would rather not have a choreographed first dance it will still be YOUR first dance. It can still be amazingly brilliant and special and a lot of fun.

Helpful tips we suggest:

Whether it be a live wedding band, DJ or speaker, have someone introduce you onto the dance floor as the new Mr and Mrs. Make sure everyone is there to build up to the moment.
After the first chorus of the song, invite bridesmaids, parents, the best man (everyone if you like!) to join in with you. In our experience, this makes a couple feel more at ease if they are self-conscious. Inviting people to join you also sets the tone for the band or your DJ, people are already up dancing and ready for more!

4) We have booked a band for our wedding. Should we get the wedding band to play our first dance?
Many wedding bands like soundAWAKE offer to learn your first dance as part of their package. This is a beautiful touch to begin the evening entertainment and sets the tone for the whole night.
Sometimes the original song is very sacred to a wedding couple and so they’d prefer the original track to be played. This is fine and the bands DJ service plays the original track instead. soundAWAKE have been asked to perform the first dance and then play the original track later, on the disco as the wedding couples ‘last dance’ of the evening. The important thing is that you are comfortable and happy. Having a great Band Leader or DJ to liaise with and help support whatever you decide to do is integral.

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